Atex Shear Beam Load Cell


The atex shear beam load cell is also known as the atex shear beam type load cell.

  • Compact, durable and robust design.
  • Easy connection to the customers' applications.
  • High accurate and reliable.
  • Compression and tension.
  • Integral mounting base.
  • Vessel mounting kit, load button and instrumentation as option.
  • Suitable for high precision applications such as dosing systems, machines and other scale applications.


Application areas:
Accuracy:< 0.03% FS. Highly accurate.
Safe Overload:150 %
IP class:IP68
Materials:Stainless steel.
Welded covers.

Item No.Capacity (kg.)Dimensions (LxWxH)
SHEARBEAM0.25T250 kg.135 mm x 38.1 mm x 26 mm
SHEARBEAM0.5T500 kg.135 mm x 38.1 mm x 26 mm
SHEARBEAM-1T1000 kg.135 mm x 38.1 mm x 26 mm
SHEARBEAM-2T2000 kg.135 mm x 38.1 mm x 26 mm
SHEARBEAM-5T5000 kg.170 mm x 50.8 mm x 36 mm
SHEARBEAM-10T10000 kg.220 mm x 68 mm x 46 mm