Crane Dynamometer Case

Crane dynamometer

When the crane companies need a product for under the hook crane weighing, crane and hoist calibration and proof load testing, they choose the crane dynamometer.


The crane dynamometer's features:

  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark for high quality assurance.
  • Highly accurate and reliable with ±0.2% FS accuracy. 
  • Very clear red digit LED display, which is visible at long distances and in bright daylight. 
  • Robust high strength steel construction for use in hostile environments.
  • Flexible suspension that is designed to minimise torsional effects.
  • Supplied with full certificate of calibration.
  • Available ex. stock.
  • Easy to use with or without a handheld display. Follow the instructions in the videos.  

Accessory options: Handheld display and PC datalog software (Dynalog). 


Vetec offers both presales and after sales support on the products, so if the crane companies need help choosing the right product or have questions about the acquired product, they can always contact our sales and service department. Lastly, the service department is able to repair and calibrate the crane dynamometers. 

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    Crane dynamometer