Load Cell System optimises Offshore Wind Turbine Project

Offshore Wind Turbine Project

When an offshore company installed cables in the new wind turbine towers near the English coast, the company wanted to optimise the work processes and the safety.


By being able to release the right amount of cable, the company would avoid costly damages and make the process more efficient.


Therefore, the company contacted Vetec that specialises in load cell systems and, among other things, develops systems for the offshore and wind turbine industry.


The Load Cell System

In close collaboration with the company, Vetec developed and produced a load cell system that consisted of a load pin that measured the force in the cables from a winch in the wind turbine tower. The load pin was connected to two displays and two computers that ran a custom-made software. These components were located in two offshore suitcases, and one was left in the wind turbine tower, and the other one on the ship.


The wireless connection between the ship and the wind turbine made it possible to automatically follow the constant force in the cables, both from the ship and the wind turbine tower.


Before the development of the new system, all the data had to be collected manually and radio contact between the ship and the wind turbine was required. Now the system has made the work processes more simple and safe, while lowering costs.

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