Oiml S Type Load Cell


The oiml s type load cell is also known as the oiml s load cell or the oiml s shaped load cell.

  • Designed and manufactured in the EU for high quality assurance.
  • Compact, durable and robust stainless steel design.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • Tension and compression.
  • Easy to connect to the customers' applications.
  • Suitable for high precision applications such as dosing systems and other scale applications.


  • Eye-bolts, compression fittings and instrumentation.

Item No:Description
S-CELL25KG0-25 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL50KG0-50 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL100KG0-100 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL200KG0-200 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL250KG0-250 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL500KG0-500 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL1000KG0-1000 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL2000KG0-2000 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL5000KG0-5000 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL10000KG0-10000 kg., 2MV/V
S-CELL20000KG0-20000 kg., 2MV/V