Crane Dynamometer


The crane dynamometer for under hook crane weighing, proof load testing and crane & hoist calibration.

  • Designed and manufactured in DK for high quality assurance.
  • The dynamometer has a robust construction.
  • Made of high strength steel for use in hostile environments.
  • Designed for any lifting gear application.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • The red digit LED display is very clear and visible at long distances and in bright daylight.
  • Supplied with full certificate of calibration.
  • Available ex. stock (DK).

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Application areas:Under hook crane weighing. Crane and hoist calibration and proof load testing.
Accuracy:Higher than 0.2 %. Highly accurate and reliable.
Display:Very clear red digit LED. Visible at long distances and in bright daylight.
Materials:Housing: High strenght steel.
Surface: Silver chrome plated.
Robust construction for use in hostile environments.
Suspension:Flexible suspension, designed to minimise torsional effects.
Batteries:AA 1.5V (built-in rechargeable)

Item No.Capacity (T)Dimensions (LxWxH)Bolt dia. (mm)Weight (Kg.)Increment (Kg.)
D2000-ALU-2T2200 x 100 x 66201.201
D2000A-6T6.5220 x 95 x 75.4303.305
D2000A-12T12.5250 x 95 8335.504.5510
D2000A-25T25340 x 108 x 83517.6010
D2000A-55T55440 x 160 x 94.407319.1050
D2000A-120T120500 x 200 120.2010039.50100

Accessory Options:
2000B-6V-RTXHandheld Display
DYNALOGPC datalog software


Dynamometer in use