Handheld Display


The handheld display is designed to be used for the crane dynamometer.

  • The wireless handheld display is highly reliable.
  • Designed to be comfortable in use.
  • Can be hung by a magnet or a hook.
  • Red digit LED display is very clear and visible at long distances and in bright daylight.
  • Up to 8 dynamometers with handheld display can be used in the same area.
  • Very easy to use.

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Application areas:For use with Vetec Dynamometer only. Enables the measurements to be read from long distances and from moving objects.
Range:Up to 15 m in open range.
Number of channels:4 + 4
Frequency:Standard frequency 869.7500 MHz.
8 frequencies, all in the 868-869 MHz area.
Communication form:One way.


Handheld Display