Remote controls

Tiger G2

The wireless remote controls are ideal for any radio-controlled application such as cranes, lifting gear and machines.

  • Robust and reliable design.
  • 69 Channels, 433 MHz. 2.4 GHz or 915 MHz (USA).
  • Can replace all cabled and wireless remote controls.
  • Suitable as spare part for the customers' existing applications.
  • Both the stop function and two relays in the receivers are approved according to SIL3 IEC 61508 standard and PLe.   
  • For improved control and safety.
  • The transmitters and receivers are approved according to IP65.
  • TG-T9 transmitters are approved according to IP66.
  • The transmitters with display show the standard frequency, the signal's strength and the battery level.
  • Can show load indication when combined with our complete load cell systems.