Weighing System completes Full Automatic Big Bag System

Weighing System:

The competitiveness of modern industrial companies depends to a great extent on their ability to automate and optimise their work processes.


Greater efficiency and lower costs were also the goal, when a Danish crane company wanted to develop a full automatic big bag system, where a crane was able to lift, empty, throw away, and pick up a new big bag without any manual help.


In order to be able to develop the system, the company collaborated closely with the Danish company Vetec, which specialises in the development of weighing systems for cranes and other lifting gear.


The resulting weighing system consisted of a load pin, a transmitter and a receiver. The system was able to measure the weight on the crane, and thereby tell the crane when to move on to the next step in the process.


The automated work processes did not only make the company more efficient, it also increased the safety, because human mistakes no longer were able to affect the system.