Dynamometers in the making

A new addition to the line of V-Link dynamometers
The challenge

Choosing a precise, durable and safe steel housings for the new 3.25T V-link dynamometer

The solution

Putting new steel housings under the most extreme tests and achieving WLL certification

Heavy duty lab test

Engineered quality

Every product in the Vetec portfolio has its own unique characteristics - and even though the dynamometers seem similar in design, each product is designed individually to balance precision, durability and functionality;

  • Initial engineering
  • Calculations
  • Autodesk 3D drawing
  • Prototyping
  • Lab tests
  • Customer feedback

High quality steel is your guarantee for maximum safety - and the safety factor you need. All Vetec dynamometers made from certified Toolox 33 or Impax Supreme steel.

With the test of the 3.25T V-link dynamometer, we went above 21T on three separate tests. An impressive +600% of the 3.25T capacity, and still ±0.2 % full scale accuracy.

Precision and functionality goes hand in hand, and Vetec's R&D department is constantly optimizing the way we design dynamometers.

We give you the safest, high precision and user-friendly products - Open the case and you are ready to work.

"The very existence of Vetec is based on reliability"
Henrik Jensen, Product Manager - Vetec

Make or break!

The process of creating new products includes a number of crucial phases, testing the strength of the steel being the most critical for safety.

To make reliable tests and calibrations, we are using a range of external labs such as Danish Technological Institute and CERTEX Danmark.

The testing facilities at Vetec are tested and calibrated annually - and mandatory calibration documentation is included with every Vetec product.

V-Link series

On-point functionality

The 3.25T dynamometer opens up for unprecedented precision and includes the well known features of the V-Link series.

  • V-Link capacities: 3,25T, 6.5T, 12.5T, 25T, 55T, 100T, 120T
  • Bluetooth versions
  • Highly accurate and reliable ±0.2 % full scale accuracy
  • Very clear red digit LED display for high visibility
  • IP67 ideal for wet/humid environments
  • Robust high strength steel construction
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Ultra stabile connection
  • Peak hold function
  • Tare function
  • Overload beep
  • Data logging
  • Vetec app compatible (App store / Google Play)
  • Ergonomic transport casing


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Do like hundreds of your colleagues

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