What is the CE mark?

The CE mark is also known as CE certification or CE marking. Many products such as electric equipment, heavy machinery and even toys need a CE mark when it is marketed inside the European Union and this applies to products, that are manufactured worldwide.

When products are marked with the CE mark it indicates that the products have been assessed and ha been declared to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

The CE mark is not a quality stamp. The requirement of the legislation is however based on consumer safety and health as well as environmental concerns.

How does it look?

The CE mark has its own distinct logo and the product also has a four-digit identification number, if applicable.

How is the CE mark controlled?

There is not a single unit, which overlooks the products with the CE mark. Instead, the individual members of the EU overlook and protect customers from non-safe products or false uses of the mark.

If the product does not meet the requirements, there are several enforcement measures, such as enforcement notice, fine notice, reporting it to the police, or removing the product from the market. The enforcement measures depend on the legislation to which the product is subject.



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