Static Line Tensiometer

WT1-N, WT2-N

The static line tensiometer is an electronic load indication and load limitation system for hoisting devices and cranes.

  • Designed and manufactured in DK for high quality assurance.
  • Universal fit. WT1-N: 6-15 mm wire rope; WT2-N: 14-26 mm wire rope.
  • Broad range of connection and mounting possibilities.
  • Suitable as spare part for the customers' existing equipment.
  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • Very easy to prepare, install and use.
  • Wide assortment of display, amplifier and remote control options.
  • Available ex. stock (DK).

For more information see:

  • The specification sheet.
  • The videos.

A complete system consists of a Tensiometer and an amplifier.

Static Line Tensiometer

Application areas:Electronic load indication and load limitation system for hoisting devices, cranes and overhead cranes.
Accuracy:<1% FS. Highly accurate.
Mounted: 0.1% x wire diameter x 2.
Dimension:Down to L100 mm. The compact size provides a minimal lifting height reduction.
Materials:Alu 7075
Installation:Quick and easy to install on the dead end of the wire rope.
Cable:3 m. (Up to 15 m as option).

Item No:Wire rope:Capacity:Dimensions:Weight:
WT1-N6-15 mmUp to 5T per reeving.L100 mm x W62 mm x H65 mm0.8 kg.
WT2-N14-26 mmUp to 5T per reeving.L135 mm x W69 mm x H89 mm1.45 kg.

Amplifier Options:Datasheets:
P1001Panel Meter DisplayIntegrated Amplifier
D1002, D1004Large DisplayIntegrated Amplifier



In use with amplifier