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Vetec is renowned for high quality products and in-house innovation across many industries. Through in-depth knowledge and modern facilities, we are able to create custom products and solutions for your specific needs.

A custom solution from Vetec gives you full transparency in all processes, from initiation to final implementation - and training, service and support gives you full return of investment.

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Customized Load Monitoring Made Easy

Load monitoring solutions for your specific needs

Vetec provides customized load monitoring and weighing solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Specialized load monitoring for industrial applications

Customized Solutions

Vetec provides customized load monitoring and weighing solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our load monitoring solutions ensure accurate measuring and overload protection. With our customized solution we are able to help our customers reach their goals, even when the needs are very specialized. Based on our load monitoring experience and engineering expertise we construct custom-made solutions with standalone load monitoring and weighing equipment or build these components into existing machinery. Furthermore, with a Vetec solution it is always possible to receive a data stream for further analysis in order to optimize processes or to provide data for documentation of work carried out. This in order to increase both efficiency and safety.

Vetec provides solutions for all industrial applications and most environmental conditions, where load monitoring is required or overload must be avoided. We are particular proud of our ability to provide solutions suited for offshore use as well as for applications in the wind industry and the aeronautical industry. The high standards required to fulfill the requirements in these specific industries serves as a seal of approval for the quality of our equipment and the integrity of our business.

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