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Heavy Duty Tensionmeter

A heavy duty tensionmeter is an electronic load indication and load limitation system for industrial hoisting devices and cranes.

  • Highly accurate and reliable ± 1 % full scale accuracy
  • Broad range of connection and mounting possibilities
  • Electronic clamp-on solution for wire 8-38 mm
  • Wide assortment of display, amplifier and remote control options
  • Suitable as spare part for existing equipment

ATEX option

Stainless steel
Specifically designed for the measurement of tension force applied to static wires in industrial hoisting devices, cranes and overhead cranes
± 1 % FS
< 0.25 %
Safe load
150 %
Full load output
1.0 nom mV/V
Zero load output
<± 5.0 %
Excitation (max)
10 (15) volts
Compensated temp.
-10° to 40° C
Operating temp.
-20° to 60° C
IP class
> 500 @ 100Vdc MΩ
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