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Load Cell Junction Box

A load cell junction box is a device that easily interconnects multiple load cells in order to feed signals to amplifiers and displays.

  • Fitted with electronic board for junction and equalisation of 4 and 6 load cells
  • Fully encapsulated, water proof and moisture proof
  • Easy connection of mulitple load cells
  • Wide assortment of display, amplifier and remote control options
  • Not weight dependant
Cast aluminum
Allowing for easy interconnection of multiple loads cells and displays in order to create complete measuring chains
Load cell output resistance
340 to 1100 Ω
Load cell input resistance
340 to 1100 Ω
Excitation (recom. voltage)
5 to 20V (AC&DC)
Excitation (max)
30V (AC&DC)
Load cell sensitivity
0.6 - 3 mV/V
Cable Ø
5.0 to 6.2 mm
Correction method
Excitation trim
Trimming range
24 Ω
Operating temp.
-40° to 85° C
IP class
Housing connected to shield
External grounding
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