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Compression Load Cell

A compression load cell is a compact load monitoring device that is placed beneath an object or mass that needs to be measured.

  • Highly accurate and reliable ±0.25 % accuracy
  • Robust and durable design
  • Low height for flexible installation
  • Easy connection to any weighing application
  • Integral load button

ATEX option

Stainless steel
Suitable for high precision weighing applications such as dosing systems, proces weighing and integrated machine weighing
< 0.25 %
< 0.1 %
Safe load
150 %
Full load output
2.0 (± 0,25 %) mV/V
Zero load output
<± 2.0 %
Excitation (max)
10 (15) volts
Compensated temp.
-10° to 50° C
Operating temp.
-20° to 70° C
IP class
> 500 @ 100Vdc MΩ
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