A crane dynamometer is a tension link load cells designed for under hook crane weighing, proof load testing and crane & hoist calibration.

  • Capacity: 3.25 - 600T
  • Highly accurate and reliable ±0.2 % full scale accuracy
  • Very clear red digit LED display for high visibility
  • IP67 ideal for wet/humid environments
  • Robust high strength steel construction for use in hostile environments
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark for high quality assurance

Supplied with full certificate of calibration

Available ex. stock

Stainless steel
Adapted for standard shackles to provide highly accurate load indication and calibration for cranes and hoists.
3.25T - 600T
±0.2 % FS
Safe overload
110 %
Break limit
500 %
IP class
Bright red LED
Operating time
16-20 hours
Operating temp.
-20° to 50° C
Built-in Li-ion
High quality USB-charger

Dynamometer – Quick guide

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