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Overload Switch

An overload switch is a mechanical device for load limitation and overload protection for hoists and cranes.

  • Compact size for a minimal lifting height reduction
  • Easy and precise installation with simple tools
  • Easily adjusted to fit different wire types and capacities
  • Linear force development for user-friendly reaction pattern
  • Available with 1 or 2 cut off points

Heat treated spring steel, according to GB/T 13304.

Available ex. stock

CK45 axles
Nickel plated steel
Applicable for multiple weight limit levels and suitable for a variety of industrial environments, including high-temperature and dusty settings.
Max 4 % FS
Operating temp.
0° to 80° C
Operating temp. below 0
Heating device recommended
Switch (UL listed)
Utilisator (AC)
AC-15: 230V/4A
Utilisator (DC)
DC-13: 24V/1A

Mechanical Overload Switch – Preparation Guide

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