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Silo Hawk

Real time monitoring solution for silos and other weighing apparatus, using the high accuracy measurement solutions with Bolt On sensors.

Silo Hawk

Key benefits of Silo Hawk

Accurate & Reliable
Building on 30 years experience in industrial high accuracy weighing, the bolt on solution gives accurate and reliable data with 0.1% linearity and repeatability regardless on the product type being measured.

Compared to standard and customer load cells, ultrasonic sensors and other systems on the market, the hardware and software package is extremely cost effective with rapid ROI.

Expandable System
Whether you have 1 container or 1000 silos, the system can be tailored to groups or made site specific. The data can also be fed into other WMS/ERP systems and has an SQL backed database that can be queried in real time.

Easy to Install & Retrofit
The sensors can be installed with zero silo downtime, no jacking required. The retrofit to existing legs or mounting blocks and arrive reconfigured to your system.

Multi Industry Compatible
Whether you have a silo, hopper, weigh bin, waste bin, storage container, in any industry, the solution can provide real time, accurate weighing and monitoring across any industry type.

24/7 Cloud Based Monitoring & Accessible Data
View levels, weight shifts, Dispense changes, alarms and statuses of all of your silos wherever they are and where you are in the world. Being cloud base, using our secure servers, you have access to live and downloadable data 24/7, 365 days per year.


Silo Hawk dashboards

Global Silo Mapping

Silo Hawk works on a single silo at a single location through to several hundred silos at multiple locations. The secure cloud based technology permits a remote log in to each silo or group of silo’s using the search panel. Sites and asset numbers are fully configurable and the geographical location stored to our cloud database. Site specific images can be uploaded via admin pages to tailor your system.

Individual Silo Analysis

Besides giving an overall view of your site, Silo Hawk also allows you to view each silo individually. In this screen you can manually input High and Low thresholds which will trigger an alarm or phone/email Alerts when action is required. These thresholds are completely customisable for each silo and can be adjusted at any point. Temperature monitoring can be achieved through our optional temperature monitoring pack. If chosen, this option records real time changes in temperature values against stored contents for auditing purposes.

Site Overview

Silo Hawk allows access to live data from across your site. This information can be displayed 24/7 and offers visibility of the status of each silo. via secure URL. This can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and PC’s, along with larger format screens for distance viewing, or more industrial rugged local screens for simple weigh values in harsher environments. The site can be renamed to suit your requirements, along with each silo. All data is available for download via .csv format, or by running an SQL query.

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