Static Line Tensionmeter

A static line tensionmeter is an electronic load indication and load limitation system for hoisting devices and cranes.

  • Highly accurate and reliable ± 1 % full scale accuracy
  • Broad range of connection and mounting possibilities
  • Electronic clamp-on solution for universal fit
  • Wide assortment of display, amplifier and remote control options
  • Compact size for a minimal lifting height reduction

Available ex. stock

Alu 7075
Specifically designed for the measurement of tension force applied to static wires in hoisting devices, cranes and overhead cranes
± 1 % FS
On unit
0.1 % FS
0.1 % x wire diameter x2
2.0 Nom MV/V balanced signal
0.0011 MV/C
EXC. 5-10 VDC
3 mtrs. (15 mtrs. as option)
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