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Vetec A/S merges with Nordtech A/S

We have exciting news to share with our valued customers, suppliers and business partners.

Vetec A/S merges with Nordtech A/S

We at Vetec are pleased to announce that we, alongside our Danish sister company is merging into one unified entity. Effective April 1, 2024, Vetec A/S and Nordtech A/S will merge to form Nordtech-Vetec A/S.

For you as a customer, supplier, or business partner there will be some changes. First and foremost we will keep our Vetec brand and the people, and our products will remain the same with the high quality, that we are known for – but any sales offers, purchases or any other interactions will be handled from Nordtech-Vetec A/S (CVR 18175509).

Our invoice mail and account numbers will change – so look out for our notice regarding this or please contact us, if you have any doubts.

This consolidation marks an important moment in our journey, streamlining our operations and enhancing our services.

The primary objective behind this merger is to optimize processes, minimize administrative burdens, and provide a consolidated platform for our valued customers, suppliers, and partners. By eliminating internal invoicing and streamlining workflows, we aim to enhance efficiency and deliver an unparalleled level of service.

This strategic move represents a natural progression in the evolution of Nordtech-Vetec, enabling us to better serve our growing clientele while future-proofing our business operations. Through this merger, we are well-positioned to optimize internal procedures, drive innovation, and foster long-term partnerships. This change also means that our logo has been upgraded, therefore you will be able to see some changes in our branding.

At Nordtech-Vetec A/S, our commitment to excellence remains unchanged. We are excited about the opportunities this merger presents and look forward to continuing our journey together with you. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.


Company information as of 31.03.2024